About the company

Muy Movies is a company founded by me, Sander Jorna. How did I get involved in starting my own business? I lived in Spain for 11 years, close to Málaga to be precise. From there I made my own movies, I liked being behind the camera and then editing all of that into a nice movie!

I found out that this was really something for me and now this has become my hobby and I want to do more with it. So I decided to move from Spain to the Netherlands especially to do an education that could teach me all this better. And now I am here in the Netherlands at the Grafisch Lyceum Utrecht and I am busy with the Audiovisual design course, and I ultimately want to make this my job and that is why I started Muy Movies!

Muy Movies represents my past, because I lived in Spain, I have the “Muy” in my name, which in Spanish means “very much”, and I combined that with movies. Because I am very fond of the movies